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Company Baltconsult offers company registration services, assistance with opening bank accounts and obtaining residence permits. Specialists of Baltconsult will provide legal and consulting support, as well as will supply you with detailed information about taxation.

Andorra is ideal for businesses, recreation and permanent residence — the country is ranked 12th in the world for quality of life (International Living Index).

Advantages of Doing Business in Andorra

According to the International Living Index, Andorra occupies 25th place among all countries regarding the ease of doing business, while its banks are included in the top 20 of the most reliable in the world.

Up to now, Andorra has signed double taxation agreements with France, Spain, Liechtenstein, Malta, UAE, Portugal and Luxembourg. Negotiations are underway with other countries.

Andorra has the lowest tax burden in Europe on business. Tax on the profit of companies is only 10%, with the possibility of reducing it to 0% (for holding structures) in the event of the fulfilment of certain requirements.


inheritance tax


tax for dividends if the income tax has already been paid by the company


general indirect tax


personal income tax

Company Registration in Andorra

Baltconsult provides support in obtaining a residence permit in Andorra. There are two main ways to obtain a residence permit in Andorra – passive and active residence. Passive residence means obtaining a residence permit without a work permit, and active — with the right to work.

The main types of passive residence: for investments made, for international level professionals, for scientists, athletes and artists, as well as residence permits for stay in medical institutions, therapeutic centres and nursing homes.

Basic Requirements for Passive Residents:
  • One must stay in the country for a minimum of 90 days a year
  • Place a non-interest-bearing and refundable security deposit in the amount of EUR 50000 per the head of the family and EUR 10000 per each dependent family member
  • For investments – invest in real estate, equity of Andorran companies or in financial products in the amount of EUR 600 000

When opening a company in Andorra, there is a possibility to obtain a residence permit with the right to work for individual entrepreneurs (active residence). It is important to note that in the event of active residence one must stay in the country for a minimum of 183 days a year.

Residence Permit in Andorra

Baltconsult provides support in the preparation of documents and company registration in Andorra. A new company may be opened in Andorra by a natural or legal person, as well as a resident or non-resident of the country. Main types of companies: Societat Limitada (S.L.) – equivalent to LLC and Societat Anònima (S.A.) – equivalent to JSC.

Key Advantages when Registering a Company in Andorra:
  • Registration of a company takes 1 month
  • Registration of commercial activities — from 2 weeks
  • Corporate income tax is only 10%
  • Profit of holding companies is exempt from the payment of taxes
  • One of the lowest value added tax rates in Europe: 4.5%

Opening Bank Accounts

Baltconsult provides consulting support to open accounts in banks of Andorra. Main specialisation of Andorran banks is: Private Banking, Wealth Management and Asset Management. In addition, customers who place their financial assets in Andorran banks, can open accounts for conducting business, as well as multi-currency, settlement, payment card, saving, investment and transaction accounts. A bank account in Andorra can be opened by both a natural and legal person.

Accounting Services

Baltconsult provides continuous accounting services for Andorran companies, as well as consultations on legislation and taxation issues. Our company offers professional accounting support, the organisation and consulting of businesses in the territory of the Principality of Andorra.

Provided Services:
  • Conducting of accounting of a limited liability company (SL)
  • Checking the correctness of preparing the primary documents in accordance with the requirements of the laws of Andorra
  • Preparation of books of purchases and sales
  • Accounting and registration of cash transactions
  • Calculation of taxes
  • Preparation of annual financial reports in accordance with the requirements of the laws of Andorra
  • Preparation of annual financial statements with an informative explanatory note
  • Drafting of additional documents of an organisational nature required for accounting (acts, reports, instructions, etc.)
  • Submission of annual financial reports to the register of legal persons
  • Preparation and submission of annual corporate income tax declarations
  • Preparation and submission of annual and quarterly VAT declarations (IGI)
  • Consultations of non-residents and accounting services for companies, under which a residence permit in Andorra has been obtained
  • Consultation and preparation of declarations of natural persons – residents of Andorra
Advantages of Accounting and Record Keeping Services Provided by Baltconsult:
  • Proper and due accounting services
  • Compliance of the accounting with all the requirements of the legislation
  • Legal and accounting support when dealing with the tax authorities
  • Usage of accounting as a company management tool
  • Taking management decisions based on proper financial records
  • Consultations aimed at ensuring more effective work of your enterprise
  • Confidentiality in the process of accounting

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